American Girls Collection Flyers and Signed Books

I am very lucky to have met two authors of the American Girls Collection books. The first author I met was when I was 11 in 1993 and it was Connie Porter (who wrote all the Addy books). She was at the Rizzoli's bookstore in Oakbrook shopping mall in Illinois (Rizzoli's no longer exists). They were having two raffles--a Meet Addy poster and an Addy doll, signed on the foot in gold pen by Ms. Porter. I actually won the poster, the first and only thing in my life I ever won! Unfortunatly, the bookstore would not allow Ms. Porter to sign my poster. I was 14 when I met Valerie Tripp (author of some Samantha stories, all of Molly's stories, all the Josefina stories, Kit's stories, and all the Felicity stories). She was at the Piano Factory (a mall) somewhere in Illinois (sorry, can't remember exactly where) in 1996. I almost brought Meet Samantha for her to sign but was very glad that I didn't later on when I found out she didn't even write it! She signed my favorite Samantha book at the time-- Samantha Saves the Day. I highly recommend going to meet an author if they come to town (you can check out author tours on the official website of American Girl.

Flyer other side of flyer
Side 1 of flyer Side 2 of flyer
signed book signed book
My signed book! My signed inside cover!

At Rizzoli's bookstore were some pamphlets about Connie Porter.

cover of pamphlet page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 back cover

signed book
Here is my book signed by Valerie Tripp.

This is the insert from the back page of an American Girls Collection book. I'm not sure if this fan club still exists. Next to the fan club insert is the fashion show flyer I got in the mail in January 2004.
Fan club fashion show flyer prizes information

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