I began collecting Josefina items in 2001. Finally at the end of 2007 I completed my collection! I bought on ebay, the last piece -the elusive English Square Piano. Josefina is definitely my favorite American Girl.

I've used Samantha's Scenes and Settings to provide a backdrop. Sadly, Scenes and Settings were never released for Josefina.

Meet outfit, Accessories

School outfit, desk, books, lunch

Christmas outfit, doll, activity set, chicken & chiles

Birthday outfit, accessories, table, dishes, treats, goat, loom

Riding outfit, boots, farm, accessories, piano

Sarape, winter wear, oven, cocina supplies

Nightshift, bed, table, necessities, blanket, chest

Harvest outfit, party dress, weaving outfit, fiesta dress, herb gathering supplies, socks, ribbons