American Girl Dolls Traveling the USA

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I took two separate road trips from Chicago to Los Angeles. The first time, I brought along Josefina. Josefina had always lived with me in Illinois since I got her in May 2001. She began to yearn for the west coast and to be able to see her native land of New Mexico. So during March from the 21st to the 23rd of 2003, Josefina went on a road trip to her new home in Los Angeles.
After I settled down in Los Angeles, it was time to go back to Chicago in July 2003 and get some things that I couldn't bring on the plane. My boyfriend, Luke, and I drove 2,000 miles again, this time taking the northern route. Natalie really wanted to come along, and so she did!

What is a traveling doll? A traveling doll is a doll mailed out by her owner to visit friends that live in other states so that the doll can see the country. Starting in 2003, a few members of the Society of American Girl Collectors message board decided to send out their dolls to about a dozen other members so they could see the states. The visiting doll usually was sent along with a memory book for the other members to fill out, listing the things they did on their visit. I have hosted two dolls, Amanda (belonging to Tracy from Wisconsin) and Kim (belonging to Katie from Michigan).

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Amanda Kim
Amanda Kim