American Girl Birthdays

Each of my dolls has a birthday. Since Samantha, Kit, Emily and Josefina are from the American Girls Historical Collection, they already were given birthdays provided in their birthday stories.

Doll's Birthdays
Name Birthday Day Bought Sign
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Samantha May 26 1988 or 1989 Gemini
Josefina March 19 May 20, 2001 Pisces
Natalie December 2 December 2, 2001 Sagittarius
Kit May 19 July 24, 2003 Taurus
Emily September 29 May 22, 2009 Libra
Jess October 27 December 19, 2009 Scorpio
Josefina and Lindsey

On Josefina's birthday in 2002, a friend brought over her Kirsten, Lindsey, and Felicity dolls and we had a tea party and chatted about what was new in our lives.

Felicity and Josefina having tea on Kirsten's table

A summer tea party! This was taken a month after I first got Josefina, her hair was still in its original braid! I'm sure anyone who has an AG doll knows that once you take their hair out of its original do, it can never look as good as it did. However that didn't stop me from taking her hair down and brushing it, I believe you should play with your dolls as much as you can! This picture was taken using Kirsten's scenes and settings.