josefina display

Thanks very much to Sandra from the Society of American Girl Collectors forum for these fantastic pictures! She attended the Josefina birthday celebration on March 20, 2004 at AG Place New York. She received a free pin for Josefina that read, "It's my birthday!" and a free corn husk doll. Free cookies were also available.

festivities historical level
Here is a list of the festivities for the day.
win enter
You could enter to win a Josefina doll! Girls entering the contest.
scissors soak corn
Employees making corn husk dolls. They have to soften the husks by soaking them.
Josi table doll
This is a small table dedicated to Josefina on the mezzanine level.
making dolls woman in camisa
Making more dolls. A woman is dressed in the fashion of Josefina's time (1824).
violinist woman in costume
Violinist playing Mexican-style music.
cornhusk doll cornhusk doll and button
Here is the cornhusk doll The cornhusk doll with different colored bonnets and the button.

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