The Purple Bedroom


AG mini*s debuted a few weeks before my dollhouse was completed! I was so excited!
room On the left you can notice little pictures of some of the members of the 1996 Olympic gold medal winning gymanstics team. I cut them off the back of my calendar.On the right is the AG mini*s vanity set. The light sockets were too small for my dollhouse outlets so my dad re-wired them. vanity mirror
Julia Stiles and Katie Holmes pics The tinkerbell clock was taken off my broken wristwatch.

When you used to order anything from the American Girl Today collection, you would get mini "grin pins", which were really stickers. I had so many that I decided to use them on the windows to add color.
Tinkerbell clock
Girls and Melanie C pics These are mini pictures of Melanie C "Sporty Spice" that I printed off her website. I put these on the overhang of the ceiling. I also cut out mini pictures of the Spice Girls from a photopack envelope. dollhouse 
chair and flower mirror TV stand with gumball machine inside cabinet. bottle and flowers

Wanna see the kitchen? Click here!