Changes to Samantha and Molly's Christmas Collections

Samantha's 1986 Christmas Collection Samantha's Christmas Dress 2003

This page shows how Samantha and Molly's collections looked originally, and what has changed for the current (2003) catalog. Kirsten's collection has really not been changed, so I didn't add her to this page. Pictures on the left side are from the older catalog and pictures on the right side are from the current catalog. I am not sure when the items changed over, but it was sometime in the 1990's.

Samantha's older cranberry party dress was brighter red and had the little hearts designs in the lace, whereas the newer dress has more of a flower design (thanks to Jeanette for the picture). The gingerbread house is still the same, so is the music box. Her nutcracker doll has changed (it can now bend at the waist so that she can sit down).

Nutcracker Doll 1986 Nutcracker Doll 2003

Molly's dress from 1986 up until it was changed in the Holiday 1994 catalogue. Her dress is plain green velvet with no buttons. The snowglobe from this collection was very nice with a sturdy wooden bottom. The nutcracker doll was quite simple and made of wood. Molly's flipbook featured Donald Duck.

Molly 1986 Christmas Collection Molly new Collection
Molly's new velvet dress has buttons down the middle. Her flipbook features Mickey Mouse, although since flipbooks usually have two sides, Donald could be on the flip side. The nurse doll's face has been altered to look prettier. The ballerina doll looks so different, more complex.
ballerina original blue ballerina doll ballerina doll 2000
There were three different versions of the ballerina doll. The second was this rare blue ballerina doll in the left picture. The current version of the ballerina doll is the one in the right picture with her hands clasped. The snowglobe has also been changed into a cheap looking plastic one as opposed to the sturdy wooden base of the original. The radio was added to her collection in the Holiday 1994 catalogue. It takes three AAA batteries and has a WWII snippets from the news.
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