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Back in 1986, Pleasant Company sold only three dolls -- Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly. The inside insert and backcover of each book were changed every time a new doll was introduced. Here is how the books evolved from 1986 to 2002:

3 girls 4 girls 5 
dolls 6 dolls 7 girls
3 dolls 4 dolls 5 dolls 6 
dolls 7 
dolls 8 dolls

A few years after Pleasant Company was founded they moved locations. The addresses are different on the copyright pages of the books. The earliest editions (without book numbers on the spine or cover) is 7 North Pinckney Street in Madison, Wisconsin. The later editions are 8400 Fairway Place in Middleton, Wisconsin. Much thanks to Jennifer M. for this discovery!

Each character has a different color, symbol, and sillhouette assigned to them; the binding helps you find their books easier when they are all in a bookshelf.

Kaya Felicity Josefina Kirsten Addy Samantha Rebecca Kit Molly Julie
Kaya Felicity Josefina Kirsten Addy Samantha Rebecca Kit Molly Julie
Light Blue Dark Green Red Light Brown Dark Brown Burgandy Purple Teal Dark Blue Orange
1764 1774 1824 1854 1864 1904 1914 1934 1944 1974

I have not seen a book changed more times than Meet Molly has. I have seen four different versions! The first version was published in 1986, the second published in 1989 (with completely new illustrations), the third version has the same illustrations as the second book, but a new cover with blue binding. The new fourth version has the cover changed yet again.

Meet Molly: 
first edition Meet
Molly:second edition Meet Molly:third edition Meet Molly: current

First edition of Meet Molly(1986).
Second edition. (1989) 2004 version Current version (2005)

Here is an example of the old versus new illustrations:

Molly 1986 Molly 1989
Illustration by C.F. Payne Illustration by Nick Backes

As far as I know, three of the historical character's books now have completely new illustrations. These are Addy, Samantha, and Molly. The changes mostly took place in 1998. Felicity's illustrations were altered only to change the color of Elizabeth Cole's hair from brunette to blonde in 2005.

I have compiled all the illustrations from the stories and created page-by-page comparisons to view the differences. I did this mainly by utilizing the Los Angeles Public Library system and driving around to the various branches to locate the correct editions.

Meet Felicity
Felicity Learns a Lesson
Felicity's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Felicity!
Felicity Saves the Day
Changes for Felicity

Meet Addy
Addy Learns a Lesson
Addy's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Addy!
Addy Saves the Day
Changes for Addy

Meet Samantha
Samantha Learns a Lesson
Samantha's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Samantha!
Samantha Saves the Day
Changes for Samantha

Meet Molly
Molly Learns a Lesson
Molly's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Molly!

Molly Saves the Day and Changes for Molly have not been changed from the original books (illustrated by Nick Backes) so there is no need to list them here.

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