Kailey's debut at American Girl Place Chicago
July 2003

meet kailey sign

When the second limited edition modern doll debuted in 2003, she was instantly popular. Her name was Kailey and she was available from July 2003-July 2004.

Here is what the AG Place outside display window looked like:
Main Window Main Window

Kailey's complete library display

These closeups of Kailey in her snorkeling gear are from the display windows in the library (ground floor):

Kailey does not have a dog named Sandy in her book.
scuba gear Sandy and 
Kailey wetsuit

This is the top floor Kailey display. She had displays on two out of the three floors, and a main outside window to herself!

lots of Kailey dolls 
top half Kailey's collection sign bottom half 
of dolls display

Look at all the Kailey dolls!