American Girl Place

There are currently three American Girl Places located in: Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles with smaller bistro stores located in Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, and Minneapolis. All the AG Places have American Girl merchandise, a cafe, and theatres (currently closed). I have been to the old location at Chicago and both the New York and Los Angeles AG Places.

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111 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago
Please Note: This is a review of the old location on East Chicago Avenue. The American Girl Place in Chicago was moved to Water Tower Place in October of 2008 to a larger location.
There were three floors to AG Place Chicago. On the lower level, you'd find the AG historical collection and theater. The AG mini's section used to be down there until it was retired. Kaya, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, Kit, and Molly's entire collections were displayed behind glass. Felicity's collection was taken down in 2002 but came back due to popular demand and she received a new window.

Josefina's display Kit's display

Felicity's display Felicity's display

To purchase an item, you take the ticket located underneath the item and bring it up to the register, and then they go in the back room and get it for you.

There were also life-size windows assigned to each character where you could look inside and see what a scene in their life would have looked like. These scenes changed depending on what season it was.

Josefina's spring diorama Josefina's summer diorama Josefina's Christmas diorama Josefina's fall diorama

These are pictures from Josefina's window. The first picture is her weaving loom from the spring. The second picture is from summer and features a ladder (thanks to Joy for this picture). The third picture is the Christmas display and features her table (thanks to Siobhan for this picture). The fourth picture is from the fall and features her writing desk (thanks to Joy for this picture).

Near the theatre entrance, there was a display of illustrations and paintings from the American Girls Collection book series.

picture of me 
near the paintings

picture of library

The main floor had the library. Girls of Many Lands used to be on this level until they were retired. The photo shoot area was also there.

The third floor is where all AG of today collection was located, along with Angelina Ballerina, a dressing room to try on clothes, Gear for girls, Hopscotch Hill School dolls, Bitty Baby, and the cafe.

The Halloween display from 2004.

The Halloween display from 2001: Isn't Coconut the puppy so cute??