Book Comparisons

I'll show examples of the old version of Meet Molly with illustrations by C.F.Payne, and the new version with illustrations by Nick Backes. Be sure to click on the images if you want to see a larger version.

1986 1989
Meet Molly cover 1986 Meet Molly cover 1989
1986 family 1989
1986 Family 
turnips 1986 turnips 1989
reading letter 1986 reading letter 1989
mom in kitchen 1986 mom in kitchen 1989
walking to school
 1986 walking to school
bike 1986 bike 1989
hula dancers
 1986 hula dancers 
hosed 1986 hosed 1989
Mom's mad
1986 Mom's mad
1986 underwear 89
truce 1986 truce 1989

All pictures are owned by American Girl. I don't have any affiliation with American Girl.

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