Book Comparisons

I'll show examples of the old version of Happy Birthday, Molly! with illustrations by David Gaadt and the new version with illustrations by Nick Backes. This book was difficult to locate, but thanks to Julia this page is now complete! I scanned a picture of the 1987 version from an old catalog. Be sure to click on the images if you want to see a larger version. I like this book because there is a girl named Emily in it! Woooohoo!

cover 1987 Happy Birthday, 
Molly! cover 1989

Family 1987 
Family 1989
Friends 87 Friends 1989

bomb shelter 1987 
bomb shelter 1989

Emily 1987 
Emily 1989

blackout 1987 
blackout 1989

girl scouts 1987 
girl scouts 1989

rollerskates 1987 
rollerskates 1989

planning 1987 
planning 1989

Molly yell 1987 
Molly yell 1989

dogs 1987 
dogs 1989
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All pictures are owned by American Girl. I don't have any affiliation with American Girl.