Meet Samantha Book Comparisons

I'll show examples of the old version of Meet Samantha with illustrations by Nancy Niles, and the new version with illustrations by Dan Andreasen. I like the older versions better because I grew up reading them. I think Cornelia looks much more elegant in the older versions.

I was looking through the Peek Into the Past sections of both books and noticed that the mansion on the first page was a real picture of a house in the 1986 version and an illustration in the 1998 version. It may have to do with privacy for the owner of the house. Isn't it cool that Grandmary's house actually exists?

mansion mansion, illustrated
1986 1998 2004
Meet Samantha 
cover 1986 Meet Samantha
1998 Meet Sam cover
Family 1986 Family 1998
Friends 1986 Friends 1998
torn stocking 1986 torn stocking 1998
Jessie 86 Jessie 98
tea time 86 tea time 98
Gard and 
Cornelia 86 Gard and 
Cornelia 86
Nellie 86Nellie 98
leaving 86leaving 98
Lydia 86Lydia 98
Lincoln 86Lincoln 98
Nathaniel 86Nathaniel 98
bye 86 bye 98
All pictures are owned by American Girl. I don't have any affiliation with American Girl.
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