American Girl Place New York

609 Fifth Avenue at 49th Street, New York
New York, NY 10017

Thanks so much to Melissa (felicityfan85) for the wonderful pictures!

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AG Place New York

NY windows NY windows NY windows

There are three floors to AG Place New York. In between the second and third floor is another small "buffer area"(called the Mezzanine level). It was like a really thin level where bathrooms and the book illustrations were shown on the wall. There was a small window in the corner where you could ask an employee about catalog orders. I guess this could be considered a fourth level, but there is no merchandise on the level. On the main floor is the American Girl of Today section and also a walk-through Coconut tent (with Coconut accessories inside). The gear for girls was also on this floor.

Coconut tent library reading nook

On the second floor is the American Girls collection and cafe.


The American Girls Historical collections are displayed behind glass. There are also life size displays like at Chicago, but these were shorter and more at eye level for children. These rooms were different than the ones in Chicago, and had a large screen tv behind the windows of the houses or teepees with a tape running of kids throwing snowballs to make it look like a real living scene. I liked these dioramas better than the Chicago ones, but they were not as tall. Now, the new Chicago AG Place has the same eye-level displays with the video running in the windows.

Chicago Dioramas New York Dioramas
Dioramas at the old location at AGPlace Chicago Dioramas at AGPlace New York

Felicity 1774 Josefina 1824 Kirsten 1854 Samantha 1904 Julie 1974

The dioramas were also not in line like the ones in Chicago (at the old location), they were spread around the room next to each girl's collection. In Chicago (at the old location), they are all lined up against the wall. There was still a ticket underneath what you wanted to buy, but there were also shelves full of the smaller merchandise (such as accessories) so that you could pick it out for yourself and not have to wait for the cashier to find your item. The larger furniture items were still only available behind the cashier.

The third floor was full of Bitty Baby things and Hopscotch Hill dolls.

Bitty Baby floor

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